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Love is Red

Wipe your tears
Friday, January 15, 2016 | 5:41 PM | 0 comment(s)
Life would not always be easy. There's going to have the time where we can't bear it anymore. It is too hurt that all you want to do is just crying all day long. At that time, your patience is over its limit already. You just think that you cannot bear it anymore. You think you want to give up. Tears flow. And the pain keep on longing. 

Dear self,

That's how life is really is. We can never expect what Allah s.w.t arranged for us. There are times where we are really happy. And there are also times where we are really disappointed.

However, don't worry. Do know that what His plan are the best. He know what's the best for us. Believe that He won't test His servants just because He want to see 

we smile, 
we laugh,
we being happy,

where? InshaAllah at His Deen.

Ingatlah, air mata yang terindah itu apabila ia mengalir hangat di pipi lantaran merasa diri ini begitu kerdil, diri yang selalu berdosa di sisi Allah s.w.t.

Allah tidak akan menguji hamba-Nya andai Dia tahu kita tidak dapat hadapi ujian itu.

We can't stop ourselves from falling. But, we can push ourselves to get up and try again.